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Vietnam Visa Information

Vietnamese tourist visas are usually valid for thirty days, it is now very easy to get a visa extension in the majority of significant traveler locations, at traveler workplaces or tour drivers. Whether you require an organisation visa or a visitor visa, the procedure is generally the very same.

Vietnam For a vacationer visa, you will certainly have to submit:

1) Entrance authorization form

2) To images (typically 4cm x 6cm or 3 cm x 4 centimeters).

3) Your initial passport.

4) Visa charge.

The type and the fee could differ by country, so please check straight the Vietnamese embassy or consulate to which you are applying. https://greenvisa.io/vietnam-visa A business visa generally also calls for a letter of assistance from your sponsor agency or business in Vietnam. In individual, the process normally takes 2-3 days, and by mail, the procedure usually takes 2-3 weeks, depending upon the solution you make use of, although times could differ significantly by consular office or consulate. If you are mailing, please note that you require to make plans to have your ticket with visa returned to you. Vietnam visa for us citizens Vietnam visa on arrival For support, you can process your visa with a traveling agency or trip business in Vietnam, with an added charge, although this is not usually needed unless you need visa on arrival solutions.

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